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How to Attain Beautiful Eyes and Look Younger, More Vibrant

 Looking more vibrant and younger is not just about having smooth radiant skin. More than you realize, you need to take good care of your eyes and the area surrounding them as well.  Having dark under-eye circles and eye bags can make you look haggard, older and ugly even if you have a slim body or supple skin all over. By ensuring that the area around your eyes is not puffy and discolored, you can greatly improve your appearance. So, here’s how:

Avoid To Much Alcohol and Salt

Too much alcohol and salt in the body can cause the skin under your eyes to store more fluids. This is the reason why, more often than not, people who love salty foods and alcoholic beverages have eye bags. And it will not even take you weeks or months to be able to observe the bad effects of alcohol and salt in your under-eye area. Usually, the morning following a night of booze and salty food-binging will reveal swollen ugly eyes.

Say No To Smoking

Smoking has always been an unhealthy habit. But aside from the diseases that it can cause, smoking can also bring about eye bags and under-eye skin discoloration. It has also been found to trigger the development of wrinkles and ugly lines not just on the skin on the face but elsewhere in the body.  With more than 4,000 toxic substances per puff, smoking is a surefire way to make yourself look older and haggard.

Handle Your Eyes With Total Care

The area surrounding your eyes may be the most sensitive patch of skin on your body.  And because of its delicateness, it is imperative that you touch or handle it with total care. Some people rub and scrub the skin surrounding the eyes, especially when taking a bath. Doing so can cause the premature development of unwanted lines and wrinkles in the area. One more thing, as part of overall eye care, make it a point to only use products that are specially made for use in the eye area.

Avoid Squinting

If you really want to maintain great-looking eyes, you need to stop squinting. You think a habit as insignificant as squinting can not affect the skin around your eyes? Well, it can. Whenever you try to narrow your eyes to focus on what you are reading or looking at, you unintentionally form folds on your eye area which can develop into permanent lines or wrinkles. Your solution to this is to use good reading glasses or have an eye correction. This way you will never have to squint to adjust your focus.

Avoid Strong Sunlight All The Times

Strong sunlight brings in strong UV rays. And UV rays can severely damage the skin, much more the sensitive area surrounding your eyes. To protect your eyes and skin, always avoid going outdoor when the sun is at its brightest, specifically from 10AM to 3PM.  But if you really must be outside and exposed to the sun, you can always find protection in sunscreens or sun block lotion.

As for your eye area, added protection from the sun can be had using a good pair of shades whenever you are outside. Eye shades are not just about looks; they can definitely protect your sensitive eye area and even reduce your risk of having eye diseases like macular degeneration.

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